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Philoman's Theorems

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These theorems might have been proposed before by some other mathematicians. However, I formulated them on my own without any contribution.
Please inform me if you know any one of them being published.
Let f(x) be a polinomial function where d[f(x)]=n. Then;

    e1.jpg (10856 bytes)

    (Note: The big brackets represent combination. p could be any real number, whereas n has to be a natural number since f is a polinomial function.)

    Click here to see an application.

If u=2k+1 where kZ+, then,


    (Note: The big brackets represent combination.)

Let ABC be an isosceles triangle (|AB|=|AC|) and D any point in the exterior region of ABC which satisfies m(ABC)+m(CAD)=60 and |BC|=|AD|. In this case, m(CDA)=30.

        e3.jpg (11958 bytes)    Click here to see an application.